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Take control over subversive crime

Disruption of our order

subversive crime erodes the foundations of something, such as an institution, a system, or societal values. It might include activities like corruption, organized crime, financial fraud, or activities that chip away at the integrity of a structure or system without necessarily aiming for its complete overthrow.
The question is; Why!

Somewhere between us

Don't look away

Why are people subvert the well-developed polity that we have built over many years? An exploration has shown that it is mainly about earning (extra) money in order to improve the financial position. Self-esteem or self-interest prefers social interests.
Recognizing and combating subversive or undermining crime activities is a process of making choices and setting priorities. On the one hand, the black money (informal money) economy is an important pillar in national financial management, on the other hand, we all know that this economy violates all agreed rules. Eliminating this informal money circuit is almost impossible, a large part of our economy depends on it. It is not about the small retailer who receives money informally, it is mainly about the organized groups that manufacture and trade drugs, that commit welfare fraud, that put pressure on individuals to be illegal.

Infographic subversion

The 6 base security measures against organized crime in logistics chains

The logistics chain is used for trading and transporting illegal goods (drugs, cigarettes, clothing and explosives) and smuggling people. Below are the 6 main points on which security in the logistics chain must act. It supports policy makers in security and safety to gain an overview and insight and thus to check whether the preventive actions are adequate or not. The 6 base security measures

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Knowledge sharing

Sharing information

Innovation challenges

Innovation topics
  • Think big, because organized crime is a big phenomenon;
  • Know that organized crime crosses borders;
  • Collaborate, connect databases;
  • Be aware that this is very dangerous economically.