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As a pure entrepreneur I work with clear ambitions and goals. Going for gold medals. First consider the essential foundations and mapping of the existence of the organization or project. (usually use mind mapping). Listen en talk with all stakeholders and motivate to cooperate and to make changes when needed for the success of the project.

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Innovation topics

Innovation topics

Provide a clear picture of where you want to go and put that on one A4. Use well-known already well-supported models include the Business Model Canvas website canvanizer.com. Search the challenges and do not settle for half-answers.

My experience

Jan Otten

In my career I have founded several companies such as; SafeCity, Respond, Ecom-NMA, NMA automation (now KNNS Business Solutions) OCSB, ESLAN automation, CompInfo with offices throughout the Netherlands and in Belgium, France and Germany. With these businesses we provide services to large and small organizations in automation, incidents and crisis management, financial management in many sectors, such as; transportation, safety, chemistry, energy, defence, justice. Since 2011 I have focused more on advising entrepreneurs, connecting the golden triangle Education, Government and Businesses to awake new cooperative energy.